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Let’s Prepare for the Future!


Scientists are certain that viral pandemics will break out in the future. If we were able to eventually make N95 masks whenever we need them, everyone could be protected from each new viral wave. Particularly when the disease can exhibit asymptomatic periods where people aren’t aware they can be infecting others. Masks are the solution until therapeutics or vaccines can be developed each time.


The United States used to produce almost everything we used. But now many factories are overseas and so we are dependent on other countries for sometimes crucial items like masks and even medicine. We are now witnessing one downside of this, which is that there are not cheap and readily available N95 masks.

I can easily imagine how much better we could do as a country the next time we are faced with a pandemic. We could keep everything open, (except maybe in-restaurant dining and bars), and almost no one would lose their jobs. This time around, we weren’t well prepared, so the government resorted to printing over trillions of dollars to try to prop up the economy. Of course, we have to make sure people who lose their jobs are okay, so it was probably necessary. But if we take the opportunity now and build a few huge N95 factories in the United States, it is possible to create as many N95 masks as we need to keep almost everything open. Next time, we can suffer far fewer deaths and economic losses. 


The future depends on what we do now

N95 Masks Might Even Help Us Lower Stress, Anxiety, and Hatefulness.


For example, someone sits down next to you in the theater and isn't wearing any kind of mask, not even a cloth mask. Or, maybe they had a cloth mask but they were coughing. If you had an N95 on you could relax and enjoy the movie. No matter what, it’s not about their behavior, it’s about being empowered to protect yourself.


Maybe that person next to you in the theater is young, and isn’t so worried about getting infected. That’s their decision. You, on the other hand, if you have an N95 it enables you to make your own decision to protect yourself. Yes, the government may still determine it is best that everyone wear some kind of mask to slow the spread somewhat, and that’s fine. But regardless, if you have an N95 mask you can be sure that you’re really taking care of yourself and your loved ones.


I know N95 masks won’t solve everything. But offering scientifically proven safety to everyone is still a huge step in the right direction. I’m thinking if we all simply had the choice to be as protected as our doctors are right now, it would save our country so much suffering. I see a simple solution that isn’t being implemented and I know it would make our schools, our work, our country, and the planet better off. So I’m motivated to make it happen!

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