More About Myself

Last year at Redwood High as a Junior I took only AP and Honors classes. This year, (2020-2021) all of my classes are AP courses. My current High School GPA is 4.63, (academic,10-12).

I have taken college-level classes over the last two years.  I'm co-chair of the Chemistry Club, and am very interested in science and math. I am also the Team Captain of Varsity Cross Country and Varsity Track and Field. I enjoy brainstorming, especially when I can mix different subjects together and try to think of new ideas by combining what I’ve learned or researched. I’ve also worked at jobs at the San Francisco Running Company and the San Anselmo Public Library.

Hudson Grace Running

Hudson Grace with fit test solution

Hudson running cross country

My Inspirations


I am very lucky to have really great teachers! Besides my teachers, I also am inspired by:


Salman Khan, founder of Khan Academy, whose (free!) educational videos are so great. They really helped me in middle school, and are part of the reason I’ve excelled at math. Plus, using his SAT prep, I was able to take all the full practice SAT tests for free. This was super helpful and I was able to increase my SAT score.


Elon Musk, who has an incredible work ethic and has done so much. His mission to advance the use of renewable energy, from fully electric cars to solar panels and grid batteries really demonstrates his ability to set a goal and then produce the results. It makes me excited for the future. His StarLink project is also super interesting and cool. His plan is to launch hundreds of satellites, eventually thousands of them, to provide a worldwide broadband competitor that can offer high speed internet broadband to the whole world, especially remote or poor parts of the planet, where they don’t even have telephone poles yet to string internet wires. 


Of course, my biggest inspirations are my family: My dad, who has always been a great teacher and helps me brainstorm all my ideas; My mom, who is just generally amazing; and especially my younger brother who is my best friend and buddy.