As of January, 2021, we have raised enough money to purchase 160 CDC-verified Niosh N95 masks. These masks already have been donated to Redwood, where they await the re-opening of school. They are available to teachers who want them. If it turns out that more teachers want them, I will re-double my efforts to raise money and purchase more N95 masks to donate.

Support for Protect My Teachers


Thank you to everyone who has helped protect teachers by donating! My brother, Emerson, and I go door to door, asking for donations and talking to people about our project. But you don't need to wait for us to knock on your door, it's easy to donate here... just scroll down! 


Any donation, no matter how small, really helps. As I have mentioned in the How section, if all the students at my school, Redwood, donated about ten dollars, we would be able to protect the Redwood teachers for the rest of the school year.


As a community, we can raise this money! Even if school is further delayed, it will be great for teachers to know they will be protected as they will have the option of receiving the N95 masks once we go back to school. The masks will be given to the school and kept for teachers until it is time for in-class teaching again.

Ways to Donate

The easiest way to donate would be online through gofundme. Here is the link for the PMT gofundme. Thank you for supporting this project! Sharing this is also very helpful, so we appreciate sharing this with anyone else who could be interested.